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When life is a bitch, you must not let it get you down apparently. Snort. Wish it were that easy. But no, it’s better to actually just do stuff that you normally would do. And so life goes on.

Last weekend I watched Pathaan on Friday night. PVR Cinemas at One Galle Face. The damn website is so messed up it took 3 shies from 2 of us to finally book the tickets. And when we got there the popcorn cost was Rs. 1400. Wtf. I wanted to ask if they are shipping the popcorn from India. Anyhow we watched the movie. From the beginning it was action, violence and of course unrealistic to the core. Slow mo, unbroken skin after multiple assaults. Salman Khan had a shawl that was pristine throughout a grenade attack on a train (where the train wheels remain intact), endless fighting and assaults. The movie was full on pro action, pro India, pro Hindutva of course. The irony being Shah Rukh Khan – a Muslim – playing the pro India role. Ah well, propaganda must continue. The only good thing was seeing John Abraham and Shah Rukh Khan – men in their 50s – look so good. It was eye candy especially these days when there is sweet all to look at. Most Lankan men look about 60 by the time they hit 40. And it’s our generation – not our parents’ one. Lifestyle choices. Sigh. And now we have one of the highest rates of Diabetes in the world. Oh bravo.

Anyhoo, it was ok to watch – once. Not again. We headed to Hotel de Plaza for dinner. It’s value for money with the egg & cheese roti with roast chicken, onions & gravy being a fav. Polished that off and headed into Saturday.

Saturday was a meh day due to lack of sleep. But Saturday night was ‘I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change’ which was showing at the Lionel Wendt. It was funny, fun and good entertainment. Basically little skits of modern living – teens, to youth to middle aged married couples looking forward to that one night of sex with no kids and to elderly naaki visey types trying to hook up at a wake. Lol. It was funny and the songs were nice. Enjoyed it very much – loved the opening where the men talk of carrying emotional baggage. I was telling a friend they need to put a board on their foreheads with that – especially Sri Lankan men. Sigh. Anyhow it was good and there was an Alerics ice cream cart outside so my friend and I decided to have some ice cream coz, why not? We walked back to her place and after a good chat and a drink and a really good crispy chicken Nai Miris burger from Crispy Dip, I proceeded home.

Sunday was going to be Kala Pola and Colombo National Museum for the Path to Freedom exhibition. Kala Pola was lovely – so much talent and many different mediums. I happily wandered around taking pictures and talking to the artists whose styles I liked. I did not buy anything – wanted to figure out where exactly to put it in the house. Right now my policy is to have art by people I know and anything new would have to fit in somewhere. I also don’t live in the Palace of Versailles so space is something I need to figure out.

After this I hopped over to the National Museum for the Path to Freedom exhibition. It was supposed to be a guided tour, the guide decided to hook it elsewhere and hence I did the ‘tour’ on my own. It was interesting to see the different documents – D’Oyly being the slime dog he was, learning Sinhala and deceiving our dumb racist Kandyan aristocrats. I was reminded of Gaadi the movie. One has to snort at the racism of some of these Kandyans – so full of ‘prauda Radhala’ cock when in actuality they are a good bunch of traitors. Aney bung. Some never learn.

Anyhow headed for lunch to Life’s Good Kitchen – first time I ate there. It was good. Nice location too. So ate a healthy lunch and dessert and headed back home. Then proceeded to prep for the week – food and clothes etc. and prepped my mind for what should be an eventful but fruitful week. I don’t plan on letting life, people and shit get to me. Time to start.

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