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This Too Shall Pass…

I have been telling myself this for the past few weeks – it has been quite the rollercoaster from my health to work and it’s not been fun dealing with all this. A lot of things have been going through major upheavals and it is these that sort of pave the way for a better path but they sure as hell aren’t easy to deal with. From last year onwards I have been on this constant turbulent ride and it has been a trial all right. Straight from hell – or so it feels.

So today, I am choosing to not let this limbo state impact me – my reaction to my earlier diagnosis was severe. I still have no answers but I am following a trajectory that I need to trust. Trust the damn process. Even with work and snakes playing games, I have learned to become the viper who is relentless and alert. Nowhere am I going to allow my credibility to be compromised because people are trying to pass the buck. That is on them – not me.

I have now put in motion a few things that need to be addressed. One thing is for sure – one should carry their life’s legacy to hospitals to pay for all the tests, consultancies and other madness that is required to diagnose something. Why aren’t hospitals geared with files of patients in a cohesive manner that connect the dots when it comes to one’s health? We are after all the sum of all parts – none of us have hearts, lungs, veins and other organs working in isolation. They are all connected – so shouldn’t the medical approach be one where it looks at all aspects in one go – from a total point of view vs just the patient’s word or interpretation of their symptoms? But clearly this is too much to ask for in Sri Lanka. Ayurvedha is too unregulated to trust – so one has to be playing snakes and ladders with one’s health and the private hospitals of Sri Lanka. Oh what joy.

Anyhow, the journey continues. And I have to be on it come what may. So I listened to Shaggy’s Strength of a Woman, told myself I will defy odds no matter what because after all, this is my life and I am the master of my fate. And so I shall endure and trust that this too shall pass…perhaps like a kidney stone, but it will be overcome.

Faith & perseverance it is.



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