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The Smell of a Man…

Wafting through my nose as I cycled down the different roads

was the smell of musk, wood notes, cinnamon and a certain tint of something I would call

the smell of a man…

It is rather strange to notice such a smell but

I have now on several occasions caught the whiff as I cycled by at dawn…

the smell of a man…almost reminiscent of the smells one holds at a party

where the colognes and aftershaves intermingle with the smoke and the A/C

to produce a rather intriguing scent. It is not obscene or vulgar in any way.

Just something to observe through the senses. And smell is often very closely linked to emotions…


I got that smell today too. I don’t know what it is exactly or where it emanates from.

A house perhaps? A shop along the way, a man on his morning walk? No.

It emanates from somewhere I could not exactly tell from where.

But whatever its source, it matters not for tis but a most pleasant and welcoming scent.

Not too strong and not too light. Just right.

Almost a known devil in an unknown setting.

I smiled to myself as I got that smell again today. Nice.

Perhaps its source may one day find its way, for now it seems a tad lost but not lost in essence.

Lost in direction…perhaps…




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