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The Doomsday Knell

I heard the bells ringing and singing to me

“The saviour is risen, hearken to he”

My faith in life renewed, I stumbled with glee

Ready to welcome his glorious sanctuary


But now the darkness tolls in tumultuous clanging

As my fellow souls are bleeding and dying

With trembling hands I crawled amongst the living

My tune is now changed to a melancholic ringing


Oh damn you that knows not my broken song

You who enjoys sanctuary all the day long

You who promised life and gifted hate

May you never know that heavenly gate


Cursed am I to live amongst such rot

Who feed upon others and no faith have they got

Oh God if you can hear my fervent plea

Summon such vile creatures immediately to thee


Oh day of darkness oh day of hell

Wretched are those of us who lived to tell

This tale of woe, this bleeding melancholy

This doomsday knell is my wounded soul’s symphony


*A poem in remembrance of the 21st of April 2019 Easter attacks in Sri Lanka.

Meet Lilanka
“what is meant to be comes about of what one does”.
An eclectic personality with a penchant for creativity, Lilanka is an old soul who loves life, laughter and stepping off the beaten track. She finds joy in nature, travelling and venting her existential frustrations via her writing while calming her body with food and her soul with music. Her motto is – “what is meant to be comes about of what one does”.
A collection of eclectic expressions from life according to Lilanka Botejue. From her creative outbursts and passionate views to her love for nature, food, music and archaeology, Owl Muses is an attempt to capture these moments in time.
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