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“She probably can’t afford…”*

“She probably can’t afford a home in Colombo”

You mean me?

Yes, I can’t afford a home in Colombo.

But my family did. For generations,

about 4 to be exact

They afforded homes in Colombo 7, 8

All of them. Gifts from parents, siblings, endowments

All that jazz

Some may foolishly call this aristocracy

To own land, money and some purported ideal of a name

What is in a name? What is in a legacy?

Nothing much really. Pure nostalgia and romance.

Good for a Mills & Boon or Danielle Steele.

But back to present times.

I am very happy I no longer live in Colombo.

It’s been denigrated to ‘C7’

By the likes of you who don’t know where the hell you come from

Or where the hell you’re gonna go

Yet you tout an address, a name, fame as something worthy

Sad, really.

I prefer my present hole, away from the perverse Cinnamon Gardens cops

The kudu karayas who mug people in daylight

Who steal gas cylinders, laptops & heirloom jewels

Who are never caught

But hey, the address matters no?

Especially when you’re a nobody trying to be a somebody

You will follow the circle of life and eventually come to where I am

A realisation in the fallacy of touted & spouted crap

From insecure people trying to put ‘aristocracy’ on their lap


*Wrote this poem as a response to sentiments expressed that I probably cannot afford a home in Colombo, I am not from Colombo etc. when I called out Colombo in a Facebook post, for their apathy during these times in Sri Lanka, where classism is reigning over basic humanity and decency.

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