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My Corona

Corona finally decided to visit me with a stint. It was honestly a curse to find out that I was positive. My viral load was high apparently. Snort. But at least I knew and it was Omicron. This meant I did not lose my sense of taste and smell (definitely a nightmare) and it did not hit my chest like it usually does. I only had an annoying itchy cough and a slight temperature.

I told Ammi about it and started wearing a mask around her coz I did not want her to get infected. She was a bit oblivious as usual but at least she was safe, so far. Then I proceeded to tell everyone I had met over the weekend. For sure this was from the wedding. Ah well what can one do.

Trust and endure.

I holed up in my room, finished my work for the day, informed my boss and prepped myself to face this virus. I read that the immune system gearing up and fighting are the symptoms which we see – the cough, the temperature and the meh feeling. So yep I was at war. And there was not much I could do about it. Just trust that my immunity, the vaccines and my will would win.

I ate well. Kidney with veggies, chicken soup and lots of protein to aid my dear white blood cells. That cough irked me. I did steam inhalation with some dodgy local herbal concoction. Didn’t care if it worked or not really – just wanted my lungs clear. Gargled.

I also cooked. Maintained the calorie deficit and walked 10,000 steps daily while doing my physio exercises for my tilted spine, out of sync hips and ankle stress injury. It never bloody rains, it pours. But I persevered.

I remembered what a psychologist friend said, that the reason I haven’t gone insane yet is because we don’t know how much we can bear till we are made to do it. This is my life. A constant pushing of some bar or another. I don’t think I was ever ready half the time but I had to face it. It’s not at all pleasant and now I just don’t think, and just do. It’s better that way. That dreaded anticipation, butterflies in the stomach and general anxiety never helps. It’s a really terrible feeling.

My temperature dropped after 2 days. Just had this heavy head almost but not always. I stopped the drugs too. I read up on some of them and I did not want to suppress the virus so that it would return later. I just wanted it battled and out of my system & my life.

It finally went. My 7th day antigen was negative and I was very glad.

In between I dealt with more drama at home. Ah the joys of such things.

As soon as I recovered I got in the tile guys coz the tiles were ready and needed to be collected and fixed. Yes I know, it’s never ending, almost.

I am just living in the belief of Newton’s third law, so that I know that after the storm is some sunshine and joy.




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