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Letter to a Man Offering a Fuck

Dear Man Offering a Fuck,

I know sex for you is something very physical, primeval and sadly in our society, it is deemed as how ‘manly’ you are if you have ‘fucked’ X number of women with more being great and less being meh.

Honestly how this defines you as a ‘man’ is rather debatable coz I would hold things like your intelligence, your empathy, values and understanding over your dick, but sadly we as a society seem to propagate the opposite.

On this whole notion of fucking, too much have we listened to the great virtues of a fuck in terms of physical gratification. It’s great to talk about it when you’re like 18 or 21. But in your 30s, if you are still talking about how good your ‘fuck’ is, it really is not impressive.

At 30+ you are aware that life is a lot more than what you thought at 20+. More often than not you are wondering what the fuck you are doing with your life and just a fuck for the sake of it doesn’t really cut it. Sorry but any man offering sex on a platter is really not worth it. Women can give themselves an orgasm – they don’t need you. And we have learned to value things like bonds – connections with people that make the physical all the more deeper. Where a quick fuck is really not at all appealing and it’s like making small talk with someone who is not so intelligent at a party that you don’t want to be at. An intellectual bond can create a fuck worthy intensity without you even touching each other. Where the tension is so strong that you can either give in body, mind and soul or run away in fear. That’s what I am talking about. About that intense physical, emotional, intellectual, psychological and all these bloody things converging to mind and body fuck you in ways unimaginable. And no, quickies and one night stands are as appealing as soggy sheets on a cold winter’s night. There has to be heat, and passion and desire created through all aspects converging. And this is intense. This is the kind of stuff I am talking about. And if you can’t comprehend it, then you should either grow up or get lost. Please don’t waste my time.

No offense to anyone who sees this as a way of life, the next best thing or lives by just average fucking. Good for you. But my time is my life. So don’t waste it coz this stuff ain’t worthy of an intellectually driven creature like myself.

Offer yourself to me as you are – searching, yearning, vulnerable, willing to trust and intellectually stimulated. Where fucks for the sake of it pale in comparison to the mind boggling fucks of those fully in tune to each other. Where sex is about body, mind and soul. Where it’s beyond comprehension. That’s what we are talking about.


And If you’re not into this, then Tinder is the way forward for you darling.



An Intellectual Whore


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