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Higgins Syndrome

Oh what a delight was My Fair Lady last night

What nostalgia to behold Eliza, Higgins & Pickering

On phonetics and enunciation bickering

About “Eich” and the rain in Spain that stays mainly in the plain

And when Eliza at Ascot, groomed to be like a Hi magazine mascot

Abandoned that farce, and screamed “move your bloomin arse”

Ah! It warmed the cockles of my soul

As I hooted from the audience engulfed in laughter whole

But nothing could compare to my revelation of the century

The Higgins Syndrome, ah what a blazing discovery

The men of my ilk in society and in age

Suffer from this disease and against all they do rage

Sworn bachelors of old who claim solitude to be gold

Till along comes an Eliza to test their grit

Instead of acceptance they choose denial with wit

Ole Higgins learned his lesson, got slippered in ‘56

Couldn’t deny he had fallen just like a ton of bricks

What a shame when men of today never learn and play the game

Guess a slippering or two might be the final taming of the shrew


*Image credit Everett Collection / Rex Feature. Seen in the UK Telegraph.

*This poem was inspired by the Workshop Players production of My Fair Lady presented in October 2017 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


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