Owl Poetry & Prose

Fallen Petals

Fallen petals

Bruised lips

Chapped fingertips

A day that has worked but not

Or can

It is just another day

Just some feelings, some dreams, some thoughts


It’s nothing to bother about

It’s still there though. Raw and real

Perhaps these aren’t scars?

I healed. Or did I?

Meet Lilanka
“what is meant to be comes about of what one does”.
An eclectic personality with a penchant for creativity, Lilanka is an old soul who loves life, laughter and stepping off the beaten track. She finds joy in nature, travelling and venting her existential frustrations via her writing while calming her body with food and her soul with music. Her motto is – “what is meant to be comes about of what one does”.
A collection of eclectic expressions from life according to Lilanka Botejue. From her creative outbursts and passionate views to her love for nature, food, music and archaeology, Owl Muses is an attempt to capture these moments in time.
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