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A Nai Miris Affair: Trevor and the Girls at Arthur’s

Nishi, Thilanki and Freya decided to randomly meet up for dinner on a good ol Sunday night. Freya was feeling lazy at home but Nishi and Thilanki insisted that she join without being lazy.

“Come men. Don’t be a lazy bum” said Nishi. “We won’t be out for long”

Freya agreed and said to pick her up. Thilanki was driving and somehow ended up down the wrong lane. She and Nishi giggled and headed to Freya’s lane where she was standing at the top, wearing a pair of gedara shorts and a top.

“Ah how this one in her gal shorts?” Asked Thilanki with a huge grin.

“Couldn’t be bothered men. Just wore whatever and came.” Freya explained with a half laugh.

The three were contemplating where to have dinner on a Sunday night since with Covid, everything was shut. So they finally decided on Arthur’s pizza after driving around Mount Lavinia for about 10 minutes.

They had to park down the lane coz the parking was full with Lion Pub customers.

“Clearly drinking is not a deterrent to driving” said Nishi indicating the full car park down the lane. It couldn’t have been for Arthur’s pizza so they parked down the road and walked upto Arthur’s. The sink to wash hands was outside so they diligently washed their hands and went inside.

The cozy interior had a few people inside and the bar in the corner had a few guys seated there.

They chose a corner table and proceeded to order pizza, loaded fries and drinks. The waiter was friendly and took their order while the trio launched into the latest stories of each other’s lives. Thilanki was bemoaning seeing her former work colleague that day who was quite the snake and that she somehow was able to maintain her composure though it was not easy. Freya  and Nishi were offering words of sympathy and joint anger at the nerve of the office snake.

In the middle of their chat, the waiter brought their fries along with a bottle of Nai Miris sauce, saying that if they finished the bottle they would get 3 free cocktails.

“How the hell to finish this men?!” asked Freya in shock. She smile sweetly at the waiter and said, “No thanks. Maybe if we had a bigger group” and gave a fake laugh.

“No miss, you try and see. We will give you 3 free cocktails” said the waiter with his charming smile, while trying to feed the fires of hell to the three.

After dissuading the guy with difficulty the three launched into their food coz for some reason they were quite hungry. While chomping on the nai miris and bacon pizza, Freya was smiling in satisfaction and Nishi and Thilanki were also nodding in delight.

During this time, Nishi noticed a guy in a green t shirt walk up and down with a beer glass in his hand and he kept making it a point to smile at one of the three. Nishi also smiled back coz she thought, what the heck.  It was more than a casual smile as he made it a point to make eye contact.

Nishi did not think much of it and soon the three of them were engrossed in a discussion about a guy friend who seemed to be on a predator mission on a few of their friends.

Suddenly, Mr. Green t shirt rocked up at their table and said,

“Hi, my name is Trevor. How are you girls doing?”

A bit taken aback, Thilanki said, “we are good. Thanks” hoping that Trevor would slowly disappear. This did not happen. Instead Trevor seemed set to have a big chat,

“So what are your names?” he asked. Thilanki without missing a beat, responded,

“I am Maria.” And then he turned to Freya, who just tried to brush him off with a smile saying “I’m fine, just fine, you know. It’s really ok”.

Trevor immediately said “Your name is Fine? So she is Maria and you are Fine?” At this point Freya looked like she wanted to dig a hole and die. Thilanki and Nishi were trying not to laugh and Trevor then turned to Nishi who said, “I am Lisa”.

“So, Maria, Fine and Lisa. Nice to meet you’ll. Can I buy you’ll a drink?” said Trevor with a huge grin.

Thilanki and Freya both said, “No thanks, we’re good but thanks for asking.” Nishi also chipped in something similar. After a while, Trevor seemed to get the message and made his way back to the bar and to his friends.

Thilanki and Nishi were giggling but Freya said, “You know, hats off to him to approach 3 girls like that. We usually complain that no guys approach girls these days, but he had the guts to do it.” Thilanki and Nish agreed that it was to his credit, and Nishi added “I guess it helps when you’re high too” coz Trevor was clearly flying very high. But Freya said it’s good and that he accepted the rejection and somehow this spurred Thilanki who said “yes that’s so true and yea good for him”.

Anyhow by this point, their meal was done and sadly the waiter said the Bellissima Arrack Chocolate Biscuit Pudding was not available so they paid the bill and were getting ready to leave. Thilanki out of the blue suddenly shouted, “Bye Trevor” coz he was seated across the room at the bar. He did not hear but his friends tapped him and told him and immediately Trevor came running to the three.

“Oh no”, muttered Nishi and she and Thilanki rushed outside. Thilanki wanted to wash her hands but she somehow forgot that. She and Nishi are rushing down the lane when they realize that Freya is not with them and they could hear her going “Oh my Lord” coz she has stopped to wash her hands and Trevor has accosted her. So Thilanki and Nishi are now trying not to laugh and Thilanki goes back to the sink and sees Freya trying to wash her hands while Trevor is leaning against the sink. Freya eventually gets away and while Thilanki and Nishi are giggling she says “Oh my Lord, I thought to myself where have those bloody bitches got to”, especially since it was Thilanki’s farewell that got Trevor all excited again.

So half laughing and half scolding, Freya, Thilanki and Nishi make it back to the car and they can’t anymore, and all three just burst into fits of laughter over the whole incident. Thilanki was leaning over the car seat and howling with laughter interspersed with “I want to pee! I want to pee!” Nishi was almost choking and out of breath and Freya was slapping the car seat and howling with laughter. After about 5 minutes of pure mirth, the three got in and drove off to drop Freya first. However they kept bursting into bits of laughter as it was so funny.

“Maria, Lisa and Fine” Ha ha ha, they roared and at one point they had to stop again to laugh it out. All because Freya complimented Trevor on his guts to approach girls, and Thilanki’s farewell bid of adieu which churned his ego to literally run after them and meet poor Freya trying to wash her hands in her home shorts and nai malla.

Nishi suddenly said, “You know I have been the one to approach all the guys I have been interested in. So I would say that’s something.”

“Ah really?” said both Freya and Thilanki.

“Yea. But of course I made a prat of myself in that it was bloody obvious. But still. It’s something” said Nishi.

So they agreed on this point and then proceeded to laugh about Trevor once more, wondering if Trevor was his real name and what he may be feeling right now and if he had approached anyone else that night.

Nishi kept thinking of Trevor the Toad, Nevill Longbottom’s pet of Harry Potter fame and giggling in delight.

Dear Trevor, what a lark it was indeed.



Photo credit – Seniv Petro

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