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A Heartburn Kind of Day…

Mondays are somehow never a source of joy for anyone who does a 9 to 5. For some reason it heralds trepidation more than it does anticipation. Brimming inboxes and anxious bosses don’t help that feeling. Mondays are generally manic. The Bangles got that one right for sure.

Today is a Monday. It’s not too tedious but of course, it must start with a meeting. Somehow meetings seem to give their organizers great meaning in life and purpose in their job role. The more meetings the more one feels they are doing work. In actuality this is a fallacy. Any fool figures this out at some point. But folly is often the fuel of many eager corporate dogs. And so the cycle continues. Eager Beaver, Sycophant, Boot licker and right hand man. You will never be king but you will be the king’s golden pigeon. And vying for that perch are many.

Work continued as expected – new things, old flings and finally getting down to what one has to do. Today also brought in news of someone on life support with Dengue and Covid. How the hell did he get both? He wasn’t older than 50. Yet he was fighting for his life and it hit like a thunderbolt. Coz this was now a known person. Seeing him with tubes poking out of his mouth and in a hospital bed was hard hitting. He had a little girl. She would surely be heartbroken if anything happened to him. I taught that little girl. She was always out there and forward. Confident. Losing a parent is very hard at any age. When you’re a child it’s worse. I fervently hoped that he would pull through. The WhatsApp message said he was in his last stages. Like cancer. Horrid. This damn virus is horrid. People die. Yes. People fall sick. Yes. But to fall sick like this and die like flies is not ok. It’s inhuman. India was terrible to witness. And this damn this was moving closer to home. The numbers are shooting up coz they are finally testing as they should have. It’s apparently airborne. How the hell can anyone escape then?? We will all get it at some point.

Many are the discussions on WhatsApp groups on the vaccines, the efficacy of the vaccines, can they be mixed, do they hold out against this virus mutating etc. And then the origins of this damn virus. It’s not from a bloody bat. It’s not from nature. Coz the virus makeup does not naturally occur in nature – or so the learned are saying. This is manufactured. Most probably in a lab. A bio weapon of epic proportions. And whoever the fuck made it – I can assure you Karma is too good for you. Remember Newton’s third law? Each action has an equal and opposite reaction. I hope I live to see that. Coz this is devilry beyond comprehension.

I have often said the Earth will purge herself of those who abuse her over time. She has done it in her 4.5 billion years of existence. The dinosaurs came and went. The ice ages came and went. The mammoths came and went. And so will humans. It’s only a matter of time. Millions of years perhaps. But it will happen. Whatever Darwin named his theories is immaterial. What Darwin demonstrated was that only the fit survive. That the law of the jungle is the law of this Earth. That the scales that balance life are beyond the comprehension of humans and what logic we want to implement. Primary instincts of survival trump logic any day. Watch how a starving man will do what it takes to feed himself whereas those with the comforts of life can afford to preach ethics and morality. The Earth will survive. She will do what it takes. She has done so for millennia. We will be the fools living in false cocoons of hope spun by religions only 2000 years old whereas the Earth is 4.5 billion years old. God forgot his creation for billions of years did he? Remembered her only 2000 years ago whereas humans are 200,000 years old? One has to be a fool to swallow these fantasies. You can do what you want to attain your spirituality. But don’t base your life on books written by the followers and not the teachers. Follow the principles – those are universal and across all faiths. But please keep the rituals in your backyard. And if you ever need affirmation – look upto the Milky Way sprawled across the skies and ask yourself if you truly know what heaven is.

With all these thoughts traversing the mind, for some reason, today was a disturbed day. I did not feel like exercising and so I did not. I instead focused on doing what I had to do. At some point the heartburn hit like a bullet – out of the blue. Two Digenes and an hour it took to settle. It’s still not great. I have no idea what triggered it. The soup? The Covid situ? Whatever it is, I need to put it to rest.

Gastritis is a psychological reaction – so my psychologist friend says. Usually triggered by stress and a disturbed mind. My disturbed mind today would be that I assume. It’s scary coz it’s subconscious.

My gut tells me and so I feel. Gut instinct. It has never let me down but it does hurt.





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