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A Bowl of Popcorn for Company

Today was a busy day. I wanted to buy some gifts for Christmas for my family but things are insanely expensive. And what I once used to just toss into a basket now needs to be carefully looked at.

Shopping for clothes anyhow had become a scarcity with Covid. I still did it from time to time but nowhere as often as I used to. So this Black Friday nonsense gave me a chance to check out some branded wear for my family members who appreciate such things. Found some stuff.

I then headed to Cotton Collection because I hadn’t been in a while and Coco has always been a brand very close to my sense of fashion and style. And so I happily shopped and found a new brand called Altitude which had some lovely stuff and on 40% discount. I actually spent some quality time shopping for clothes – not the mindless shopping I once used to do. The bill total was a bit mad but luckily I had enough credit card points to pay it with.

I also found unpitted prunes – I was happy coz I had forgotten how yummy the prune almond is. So I happily got a packet of that and a packet of dried figs, paid and headed home.

I was tired. Funnily I also had major cravings for food. I was trying to stick to my calorie deficit which I had veered off from on Friday thanks to the 90s party. And so I made myself a bowl of popcorn with olive oil. No butter this time coz I did not want the calories though I love butter.

I took the bowl, went and sat on the swing in the garden and felt this almost overwhelming sense of being alone. I don’t usually feel this way coz I like being alone. The silence that once felt oppressive was now a friend. But now, with this bowl of popcorn, I felt a kind of weird alone feeling. And so I ate the popcorn in silence and let myself feel that loneliness till it passed and till I finished the popcorn. I then noticed through the setting sun that there was a baby Soursop fruit growing on the tree. It was on the very edge and its spiked veneer caught my attention between the leaves and the glinting sunlight. This made me very happy because for a while I had been looking for any fruit – there were many flowers but no fruit. And so this was my sign of hope – my comfort in trying times.

I have always found inspiration and lessons in my garden. So much so that I realised my epiphanic moment of staying away from a church building gave me the time I needed to focus on nature – God’s true creation – to see for myself what this universe wants to teach us. And it never fails.

My being that had felt lonely now felt a sense of contentment and gratitude. It was a good feeling.


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