Mulberry – Thank you for the Hope

I planted a Mulberry branch that my father gifted me – a sprig he had rooted from his own tree. And I was a bit worried coz it grew one branch and that was it. Another branch grew and faded out so I was a bit concerned but my father said to trim it. And so I did trim the bottom branch first. And lo and behold a new sprig emerged. Then it slowly grew. I was happy that it was growing but still a part of me was a tad sad coz there were no fruits. Whereas my friends on Facebook with Mulberry trees were enjoying abundant harvests and even my father’s tree had fruits.

So I was looking at the plant the other day and I suddenly noticed, a solitary Mulberry fruit. Behind the new branch, emerging from a tiny sprig. It was red and almost crimson and I was overjoyed. Yes it was one fruit but a fruit nevertheless. And it gave me hope.

These days have been a time of transition for me. Of changes and settling. Our regular three wheel driver had to move out of Colombo so we bid farewell to him. A few friends have lost their parents and it’s been a wake up call to all of us that life is going on and that death and change is inevitable.

And in this midst, this little Mulberry fruit gave me hope. That things would be ok. My garden has always been my place of solace – my daily message from God. I stopped going to church after Maundy Thursday this year. 2 days before the Easter attacks and since then I have seen God work in my life in the most unexpected ways and places. And I am grateful. I have veered off the path of the herd and in my quest for life and meaning, I have seen the work of God far better than I ever did inside a building. God is everywhere. My little garden is a constant reminder to me. And the Mulberry is my hope that things will improve.


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