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My Version of a Quick Pizza

I am a pizza fan. I think many people would be guilty of this enjoyable crime. But unfortunately the really good pizzas although delicious are rather sinful. And you can’t be always going through the hassle of making the thing or ordering it. So here’s my take on some easy to put together pizza made with good old whole meal flat bread as the dough.

So just pull out a wholemeal flat bread and add on a base of tomato paste or tomato sauce. I made 2 different pizza toppings here so for the Tomato and Basil one I added slices of tomato and sprinkled on some mozzarella cheese. Then added the fresh basil leaves and put on more cheese and a sprinkling of Oregano and chilli flakes to give it that nice zing.

For the mushroom and mozzarella one I sautéed some fresh button mushrooms – sliced – in butter and on top of the tomato base added on some of these and mozzarella cheese.

Then just pop them into the oven for about 15-20 minutes at a moderate heat level coz it’s just to cook it a bit. Take out and enjoy. It’s really quick and easy and relatively healthy except for the mozzarella. But what’s life without a bit of fun? 😛

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