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Thunder from Down Under

One of the most joyful things about travelling around the world is experiencing things you have never experienced before. And that is exactly what I love doing.

So recently, a bunch of friends and I visited California and decided to head to Las Vegas after. We were keen on checking out the Grand Canyon, the hotels and sites, the pool parties and of course the crazy shows. We were debating about Cirque du Soleil and unfortunately coz we waited too long we couldn’t get tickets. That’s when we happened upon Thunder from Down Under. A show of Australian men titled Girls Night Outback. So of course we jumped at the chance!

So there’s us  – bods from SL, US and Aussie checking out Aussie men at a show in Vegas. We told our Aussie friends that it’s irony that they would come all the way to the US to check out Aussie men.

Now don’t get your knickers in a twist, this was NOT a strip show in that no one was starkers. They were down to their undies which is what you would see in a swimming pool. But the difference of course is that these men had amazeball bods and were oozing sexiness in general.

So we took our seats somewhere close to the stage in a hall with a stage and tables with seats around them. The show started with music, a crazy emcee, lights and a display of some fine Australian men!

They danced to different tunes and flung off jackets – decked as firemen, hip hop dancers, and just men in jeans. It was great coz everyone had a great time and the emcee who himself stripped later on was super fun. We could order cocktails and food but we weren’t allowed to take pictures except for one segment.

The guys would come down into the audience and would stand on our tables and move around, allowing the girls to grab them but of course not their goods!

A highlight was when the emcee got a girl’s mother (what on earth was she doing there???!) to come up onstage and participate in an act! I would’ve died if I was the daughter but the mother looked quite unperturbed. Ha ha.

It was a great evening and they had photo opportunities at the end with the team of guys.

One thing to note is that the guys were professional, there was no hanky panky and dodgy meetings after. It was great fun and we had a lot of fun.

I highly recommend the show to any adventurous women out there 😛

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