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Your Family Will Reap What You Sow…

I was having a chat with someone some time ago about how there are subtle laws of the universe that you don’t mess with. Many attribute these to God, Karma etc. There’s a basic Newtonian law – his third law of physics in its most basic explanation says that each action has an equal and opposite reaction. We are as a universe very much about energies and forces. Hence, in this situation messing with those laws recklessly can lead to great tragedy and grief.

In this conversation we discussed how people had brought tragedy upon themselves by not doing what they knew to be right and by being foolish. You were supposed to share some family wealth and you chose not to. You reneged on a good faith promise and eventually you pay the price – through your own family and life. I remembered how once someone said, the reason a particular young man did not die or get injured in an accident was because his father was a good man. It seems primitive and somewhat irreverent. Yet somewhere down the line, life has taught me that these things have subtle laws that do work in such a way.

When I heard the tragic story of a young man who died in a freak accident, I recalled that this man’s father was known for murder and that for that father, the greatest grief would be to see his son die. Similar incidents have happened time and time again and yet people still assume that wearing amulets, pirith nool, hanging garlands in cars, limes with chillies, running to churches, mosques, temples and kovils will prevent what is their due. It does not.

A person who was known for her narcissism, lack of empathy and love for making mischief in the family, lost her mother and husband within a month of each other. She is now a nothing wattled down to botoxed cheeks and a shadow of an existence from her former glory days. No one knows much about her and no one cares. She for me, was the reverse of Dorian Gray – her face bears her inner misery. Ironic as it was a much admired face in years gone by.

Each day that we live, we need to stop assuming that we are some brilliant creation of the universe. In the grander scheme of things, whatever faiths we may follow and whatever gods we may worship, the universe teaches all mankind lessons that we often fail to understand due to our own arrogance.

The universe and its forces is not something to mess with – and we shall all in time, reap what we sow, and even if we don’t, those dear to us will…


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