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Why Not?

This is a phrase I have started using simply because I am sick of the negative can’t. It’s something I have come to realise over years and time that many of us assume we can’t, we are unable to and that we won’t simply because it’s a thing in our minds.

I was recently at a Gender awareness programme and the question was why factories have tasks assigned to men and women without looking at a skill set that proves as a qualification vs a sex determiner. And when asked why we can’t change – there is a notion that it is not possible. However, in a company, when the boss sets unrealistic sales targets, the sales person is not at a liberty to say no. If they do, they would be fired or asked to somehow do it. So then why do we say no to change and achieving something in the backend on the manufacturing front? Because that is sometimes far more feasible than the sales target. But we are almost conditioned to believe otherwise.

Now, even with a small task, I ask myself ‘Why not?’ so that I at least create the possibility in my head. Whether it is doing an extra set at the gym or increasing the weights in an exercise. I may not always achieve what I intended but what matters is that I tried. And that I will keep trying till I succeed. Failure is very much a part of the journey of success. Just that we are conditioned, again, to assume failure is the end. It is not.

Hence, ask yourself next time you say no, impossible etc. Why not? Because it is with the notion of possibility that opportunities do open.




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“what is meant to be comes about of what one does”.
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