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What you seek is El Dorado. What you need is Sigiriya

I have been having a few rather interesting conversations with different males of Sri Lanka on this search for a girl – the general criteria being that she be ‘hot’ and the line being, ‘find me a hot girl will you’. They have been in relationships which did not work out and they are searching for that ‘someone’ who will make them tick and tock in time. Except the starting point is this “hot”. Of course “hot” encompasses certain typical Sri Lankan criteria – fair skinned or white, slim body with big boobs or butt.

Truth is, when you search for something externally – it will last – for a few months. That’s it. Physical attraction alone will get you thus far and no further. And when you start off with these criteria of hot -you end up chasing women who live on that criteria – their looks and games with guys willing to play. But unfortunately these beauties I have been talking to want substance. They want the ‘real thing’ packaged in a hot bod. They’ve “been there, done that” and just chasing a skirt is exciting in so far as it leads somewhere solid. But then you’re playing in the wrong field sunshine. You’re chasing a fantasy. An illusion. Your quest is El Dorado – which does not exist. It is a mirage fooling you. But what you really need and want it is, Sigiriya. Solid Rock Fortress. Yes it’s not gonna be glittering & gold. But it’s strong, and beautiful in its own right. You just need to discover that beauty. And it’s not gonna be packaged in a “hot” female who is playing femme fatale to a host of men including yourself. This is not to say that Sigiriya won’t be hot. But if you go looking on Tinder, at Swingers parties, through hook ups and places where Sigiriya most probably won’t reside, then don’t complain. You can’t search for substance in places that cater to one time good times. So know where your target is. And be willing to find that rare gem you want in an unlikely place. Then your expectations would be in line with reality and not some teenage fantasy that does not exist and which continues to disappoint you.

I think this is sadly true for women as well. Too much have we been conditioned by the world of fake beauty mags and artificial realities where we expect the opposite sex to be completely unreal. There is this awesome meme which makes a lot of sense in this regard – where two people in a relationship are asking – the guy going “where is my porn star?” and the girl going “where is my Prince Charming?”

Great Expectations much?


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