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What Kind of Boss Are You?

There are bosses of all types. The good, bad, ugly, those who you curse daily and those who you revere. A good boss can make or break a team. Can motivate or drive you to the ground. Here are a few things that bosses do which indicate the kind of boss they are.


  1. The School Principal

Are you the boss who wants people to Sir or Ma’am you, to stand up when you walk in and who wants to be treated like a school principal? Your staff’s ‘respect’ is determined on these factors. This is very old school and not the best for today’s context coz it actually shows a huge insecurity complex. It’s called ego.


  1. The Party Pooper

Are you the boss that gives work at 4pm on a Friday evening knowing that people are hoping to leave office on time and enjoy the last day of work for the week? This shows a vile and rather vicious side which should not be entertained. It means you are a sadist and that is not going to win you any leadership or popularity awards.


  1. Everyone’s Favourite

Are you the boss who wants to be everyone’s favourite? You want to be liked by your staff and you will do whatever it takes to get there. Can be dangerous coz certain boundaries safeguard those work barriers which are important if you are a person in command. Watch those blurred lines.


  1. The Yes Man

Are you the boss that can never say no to unreasonable demands? Websites in a week, campaigns in a day, budgets in a day? That shows an inability to stand up for yourself, your team and for a practical work ethic. There’s nothing admirable about burning the candle on both ends. It shows poor management skills.


  1. The Predator

Are you the boss like a lioness on a hunt? Are you constantly looking to pounce on people and attack them for the smallest thing? It shows a control issue and your need to keep asserting yourself. Shows a lack of confidence.


  1. The Enabler

Do you allow your staff to take independent decisions and be responsible and accountable for their actions? Do you allow them to take calculated risks so that they learn and grow? This shows a mature kind of leadership which is something to be aspired to.


  1. The Vulsation

Are you on a mission to have sex with your staff or make them feel uncomfortable with lewd and inappropriate jokes, suggestions and comments? This shows a vulgar mentality of a person unable to understand professional boundaries. There’s nothing admirable about behaviour like this. You need therapy. There are many options out there. Get help.


  1. The Cool Cucumber

Are you a boss that is unaffected by things around you and takes things on the bump and with a rather chilled attitude? This is a good trait coz it makes you remain focused and not fussed. You can’t be throwing stones at every dog that barks. Which is a wise way to live.


  1. The Chaotic Cataclysm

Are you a chaotic character where you forget things, you misplace things, run late for stuff and in general live in a state of chaos? While it may seem funny it really puts the people under you into a fix. Being better organized is always better – especially when it comes to the ones who report to you.


  1. The Silent Pillar

Are you the boss who is steady, confident and sure of yourself? Do you inspire your staff in a way that they admire and respect you without you having to demand it? If so you are a rare gem but a necessary one. Keep it up.


  1. The Richard Branson Wannabe

Are you the boss who is building yourself as a brand? The best leader? Best inspiration etc.? Does your staff think of you as some wow character coz you posit yourself that way or because they really think you are that? It’s a tricky place to be. Coz all that glitters is not always gold.


  1. The Workaholic

Are you the boss that can never stop working – morning till night, weekends, holidays, middle of the night checking mail and sending messages? This shows poor time management, the inability to let go and a lack of leadership and maturity. This may please some but it’s counter productive as it makes you a jaded faded mandarin. Learn to let go. Work is not going to die without you checking it every 5 minutes. A break will give you perspective and better focus.


  1. The Boot Camp Sergeant

Are you militant about everything to a point where office is like a boot camp? While discipline is good, too much of anything is toxic and can hinder genuine progress. Learn to chill and let go – it will be much appreciated.


  1. The Sellout

Are you the boss that takes your junior’s work and shows it as your own? Do you sell out your team to show your importance, progress etc.? This shows incompetence and a lack of a moral code of ethics. You will be cursed and you will never succeed – you will get thus far and no further.


  1. The Perfectionist

Are you the boss who is a perfectionist and who seeks it in everything you do? You believe in quality no matter what. It’s a very good trait to have but can be impractical at times. Best is to strike a balance where possible.





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