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Wash Your Own Jungies (undies)

How many of us can say we wash our own undies? Most Sri Lankans grow up in households where the laundry is done by either a parent or a helper. And so we get used to our undies also being handled and washed by others. This may seem fine in your like childhood and teens but at some point, as an adult, you gotta wash your own clothes and particularly, your own undies. As in be in charge of them. So how you choose to do it is upto you.

You can put it in the washing machine with all your other stuff (personally I would never recommend this coz hey, bodily discharge is a real thing, and if any of you have ever tried machine washing a handkerchief used to stem a cold, you will get what I am saying; the thing doesn’t clean fully. Plus you will be spreading it on to your other stuff). Or just wash it in the machine as one batch of undies. So this is an option. Or you could give it to the laundry (coz random strangers handling your knickers is hygienic and all personal but to each their own) or you could wash it by hand (this is my preferred method, personal attention and care and you can do a proper job of washing it). But you gotta be the one deciding. Not your mother or your maid. If it’s your own family – if it’s your wife or husband, that is fine. But your parents or maid washing your undies when you are a fully fledged adult is just a little sad. Unless you are incapacitated in any way, there is no excuse for somebody else doing your dirty. Coz your jungies cover the most intimate part of your bodies and it has the residue of yourself (and sometimes others) so it’s best to handle your own dirty laundry (as it were).

So here’s to more adults proudly claiming and washing their own jungies. It’s one of those things that you take control of in your life 🙂

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