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To Be a C or Not To Be – The Choice Is Yours…

I don’t use the C word often. Somehow the insulting of men using a sexual organ of a woman is very patriarchal in its essence. However last week, the behaviour of a certain man heralded the use of this much coveted C word that rhymes with runt.

Why, you may ask. Well, for starters he is a well known upstart who enjoys saying things to get a reaction. That in itself should indicate the kind of person he is – any attention is good attention would be the adage of a desperado. He unfortunately seems to be one.

And he really should not be by society’s great BS standards of success. He is a financial professional, works in a bank and is married with kids. He works out and is physically fit. He also went to a so called ‘good school’.  So what’s biting his ass?

Well psychologically he clearly wants attention and enjoys goading people. That usually reeks of ego and that stems from insecurity. People who are content don’t take pleasure in insulting others or making them feel inferior. This is what bullies do. He is an online bully. He also wouldn’t have the gall to say half these things face to face – a keyboard warrior. So what could have heralded this desire for online insulting?

Well, as someone wickedly put it, his parents probably didn’t like him and dropped him on his head at birth. What it actually referred to was parenting where they place achievement as the only worthwhile measure of a child. This leads to insecurity and an obsession with doing well and achieving. Another wicked reference was that his wife was possibly having the best sex of her life with a man happy with his dad bod. Because Mr. Success was referring to fat people as being lazy and that you should like seeing yourself naked and that would indicate not being fat. This in itself is absurd. Plenty are comfortable with their bodies regardless of the size – and what is fat vs being healthy? There are plenty of thin people with a plethora of health issues.

He has a group of fellow upstarts who support his online onslaughts and this gives him validation – in the same way a frog in a well gets validation from his well. The rest of the world really don’t figure in this equation. Yet small victories matter, especially if winning at any cost was your childhood measurement growing up.

While I find this somewhat amusing I also feel for his kids – woe betide any of them end up ‘fat’. There’ll be brimstone and fire to deal with. What is an important lesson though is to be self aware to the point where your EQ equates the level a mature adult man should possess. Folks like him who will reach top positions in companies would spend their time using bullying tactics to muscle their way through which is counter productive while offering an unpleasant environment for many.

Sure, none of us grew up in paradise. Our parents made mistakes and we grew up with the results of that. But as grown ass adults, not being able to tackle bad childhood habits and become a better person is really no excuse when you have the time, the money and the access to expertise.

Sitting online like an insufferable c**t is truly a choice. Sadly there are a dime a dozen everywhere we look.



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