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The OSP Phenomenon

There is a phenomenon amongst men to rock up with some fair skinned woman in order to feel good, impress and create a stir. The term ‘Ona Sudhu Pukak’ (Any White Ass) is a reference to this. And one sees it quite often in friends’ circles – especially if the men go overseas to university or for work.

I was at a party recently and noted two males I know who are externally liberal and internally traditional but still seem to want to have the OSP in tow. And hence they turned up with two Caucasian women. One was quite at ease while the other chose to stay away from the throng. I have told the men that what they need is a good ‘bath amma’ who will look after them and do the needful of feeding them when required, whacking them when required and fucking them when required. As crude as it sounds, that is what they want. All their liaisons with previous OSPs have failed to date. Yet the desire for the white ass is strong – perhaps a harking back to watching too much Caucasian porn. And so they persevere.

It is truly an interesting vestige signifying a good colonial hangover. Often, the OSPs are not intellectually compatible and are brought purely for ornamental and symbolic value. They become the cause of envy amongst the other men who feel it’s an achievement to snag a “white bird”.

The next level of this is any mixed race, Burgher or fair skinned woman. There are men who love to focus on them alone and hence it becomes another aspect of the OSP. These are the ones who become the much desired trophy girlfriends or conquests and since they are Sri Lankan, the families will be more accepting of them as potential spouses.

With the expansion of tourism, global travel and the internet, one can see that the world has become a lot smaller. Yet the OSP phenomenon does continue to raise its head from time to time in segments of our erstwhile colonial society.




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