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The Great Expectations of ‘Quickies’ and its Folly

Quickies are what we refer to as a quick encounter of sex or a ‘fuck’ rather, with someone known or unknown and though it satiates a momentary need, long term it doesn’t do much at all. It actually yields nothing. This be the nature of the quickie.

How many of us have started a ‘diet’ and ‘exercise regime’ in the hopes of losing weight, toning etc. and how many of us have fallen off the path in a few days, weeks, months and seen whatever results go back to zero? How many of us have been on the look out for that quick solution? ‘Sexy in 3 months’ or whatever and diet pills, insane exercise and unrealistic goals?

But how many of us have stuck to the regime for a while, consistently, maintaining discipline in the midst of constant distractions and diversions? Anyone who has lost weight, toned their bodies and kept fit for years will say that it takes a while, it requires consistency and discipline and no, there are no quick shortcuts. Even plastic surgery won’t work if you go back to your old eating habits.

We live in a quickie world. Today instant gratification is the norm. We want it all and we want it now and with fast internet and globalization we think we can get it all. Truth is otherwise.

Take an athlete – no quick solutions or fixes will get you to an Olympic standard. It takes time, experience and endurance. Take a relationship – with Tinder everyone is fucking everyone but to build a relationship, you gotta put in consistent work. To keep that relationship going, even more. Take learning a skill – no doctors pop out in 6 months even with Google coz it takes years and experience to learn about the human body.

In this quickie culture of today we have forgotten that certain things cannot be ‘fixed’ overnight. Dysfunctional relationships, learning a skill, bringing up a child or developing a country cannot be done overnight.  It doesn’t work that way. With a few days for elections everyone is hoping for some miracle worker to pop out of the results and ‘fix the country’ ‘boost the economy’ and basically ‘save our country’.

Honestly what a bag of fables. If life were so simple, things would not be what they are today. And this simplistic view and this mania for a savior, is ruining good sense in most intelligent people. We keep electing the same lot of people and hoping for different results based on the promise that they will do better. It’s like going back to a cheating spouse based on their promise that they won’t do it again. It doesn’t work that way. There is far more going on underneath. And we need to stop expecting quick fixes for things of this nature.

Perhaps this quickie culture is also a reason for so much stress and mental angst in the world today. People want quick results and when great expectations aren’t met, it frustrates many. The quickie culture works for momentary satisfaction but does nothing for long term results. Expecting it to do so is folly and we see that happen all the time.

Instead, we should learn to focus on the journey and not just the destination, focus on the process and understand that it’s a process, and learn patience, perseverance and endurance in a world that has forgotten to do so. It will be hard and it will take a lot of grit. But it will yield the results we want and it will be more sustainable.

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