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The Dangers of Doing Fuckall All Day

We all want that time where we can take a break from everyone and everything and just do fuckall all day. It sounds so damn good. No work, no family commitments, no chores, nothing. Nada. And sometimes we do get our wish. We change jobs, become parents, or just decide to be freelance. Whatever. And suddenly these avenues of time and space just open up. And you finally have it. The opportunity to do no bloody thing. It’s the freedom of the wild ass. And suddenly days just go by and you just attend to bare minimum. Spend hours sleeping, scrolling through social media, binge watching series or just doing a few things.

And suddenly you find your days filled with – well nothing. Nothing much really. Unless you’re attending to tiny kids. But if you’re flying solo, then it’s really not a lot to do. Suddenly the time just slips by and at the end of the day you may ask yourself what you have done and you wouldn’t really come up with much.

And this is dangerous. Not because of anything else – it’s good to rest and take a break. It’s good to just loll and relax – for a few days. Not months, not years. And suddenly you realize that you did a lot more when you were busy. When 9 to 5 was a reality. Coz there was discipline in your life. Method and order. Unless you are disciplined as an individual and stick to routine stuff – exercise, laundry, practice some art, music etc. you may find yourself slipping into that over chilled mode. Where you do nothing. And if you earn enough to manage or be comfortable then you are not challenged to really push yourself forward. You will be happily sitting like a duck thinking you have done much when you haven’t. And yes contentment can be this but what is life without a challenge? This can bore you or depress you. You may have an existential rudely epiphanic awakening which will grind you to a halt or just jerk the carpet from under you. Coz life is never static or chilled 24/7.

So though doing fuckall has its benefits – it should never be long term. I have myself fallen into this trap and quickly scrambled out of it coz I realized it was like a quicksand pit and I suddenly wanted no part in getting sucked in there. Coz at the end of the day – we are humans driven by passions and we want to do things in life. Even those who claim to want to do nothing all day will be longing to do something.

So while fuckall is immensely appealing – it’s always good to do a reality check every few months or so just to make sure that this is exactly what we want and that we don’t get sucked into that god awful trap called mundane. Coz after all – moderation is the key to a contented life and extremes – even fuckall – are detrimental.



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