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The Closet of Colombo Shame

Last month had Mental Health Awareness week. It’s funny – it’s a trending topic with the rich & famous of Hollywood, the music industry, sports figures etc. talking about their mental illnesses – from depression to addiction to anxiety and panic attacks.

Yet, Colombo, the heart of duplicitous pretension, continues on its mission of pretending to be something they are not. It’s truly amazing – we are bleeding and staggering under the weight of addiction, alcohol dependency, depression and the works but heck, what madness. We are fine. Our families have no such things. We are perfect.

Yea sure. Snort. Your ‘sins’ are bleeding through your slammed closet doors and its high time those things were taken out, laid bare and dealt with in a humane manner. It’s ridiculous that we must hide something like a mental health condition – that needs specialised care. But no, we are supposed to snap out of it, just let it go, pretend it doesn’t exist and just continue this façade.

Fuck no. Not anymore. Too long have we been living a bloody lie – lying, pretending, maintaining appearances and it is slowly and surely killing most of us. The few thriving are bitter as gall and are toxic to all they encounter.

Enough of the pretense. There is no shame in being ill – it is human. There is no shame in asking for help – it is human. And no, pretending you’re fine when you’re not is not ok. It is self destructive and will eventually kill you – mentally or physically.

As a society, Colombo, you have failed. You have failed your people who need your help, who you should have stood by, who you should have supported. Instead you have sown the seeds for despair and ensured a continuation of a shame culture for no valid reason. There is nothing to be proud of in talking about achievements when there is no happiness and there is no help for those in need. As a community, you have only strived to alienate and ridicule and belittle those who you deem are less, purely because of circumstance.

You have ultimately lived and exalted the bourgeois middle class hole that you are. Pathetic.

Time to clean the muck and be real. That is, if you want true progress and happiness.




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