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Small Wins Matter

Yesterday was a day with no activities after work. Or so I thought. Till I realised that I had to drop off my bicycle at a place a good 9km away. I had no other day that was available so it had to be yesterday. I rushed home from work, quickly changed, pumped air into my bike, kitted up and left.

I had to be mindful if there was rain and also watch out for traffic. After checking Google maps and figuring out the best route, I started off. I initially thought it would be a very long and arduous ride. I was dreading meeting undulating hills which require quite an effort to pedal up even with gears. I approached my first major hill and I was a bit nervous but I told myself I have done steeper ones and I went up it without even changing a gear.

I was pleasantly surprised and told myself it was all in my head. After that I just pedalled on till I reached my destination and luckily this was before the undulating hills of that particular road. I handed over the bike, removed my helmet and gloves and proceeded to walk down the road and back to the main road. There I flagged a tuk tuk and took it back home.

En route, it started pouring with rain and I was very glad that I had somehow managed to ride in 40 minutes, hand over the bike and miss the rains. Getting into the house was messy but I managed and I wasn’t too tired either.

I told myself, it wasn’t some major ride – I’ve done far more challenging rides. But this was a little win and it was worth commending myself for this feat.


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“what is meant to be comes about of what one does”.
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