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Seasonal Musings – Part 2

We went to a certain Blue hotel which advertised a Sunday buffet. When we walked in, the tables were cramped next to each other so that one’s backside backed the other’s derriere. Rather vulgar if you will. The spread was a good hodge podge – there were salads, rice & curry, pasta, an omelette station and a hopper station. I wasn’t sure if we had walked in for lunch, breakfast or dinner. But hey, cost cutting no – so 6k per head is ok to pay for some random food with omelette and hoppers with red rice and kalu pol pork curry thrown in. The dessert was the psychedelic display that the Bougie Sri Lankan crowd loves – hot pink, luminous green, marshmallows, fruit & nut etc. And the greed on display was horrendous. One person served half a roulade for her family – that would usually serve about 8. It was a vulgar display of greed.

The one thing you couldn’t help notice was how indisciplined most of the kids were. The parents had brought the viral vectors to the buffet with zero understanding that we are under no obligation to put up with them. Screaming, jumping lines, serving enormous helpings which eventually go to waste are but a few crimes. A crowded buffet must have small children accompanied by parents. If you want to live free – stay at home.

Many restaurants and public places have this problem. “Sin no, they are small” is not an excuse for bad behaviour. It is precisely because they are small that you must teach them what’s what from a young age. They are not going to miraculously learn these things at 18. Good discipline is not violence – it is teaching basics of what is right and wrong. And if you can’t do that, please don’t procreate coz society has to deal with your ill breeding at some point. Be responsible.

I watched two Christmas concerts this season. The first was featuring an orchestra and choir. The orchestra was excellent. The choir reminded me why I am grateful for the training I have had as a singer and the soloists reminded me of how Sri Lankans are satisfied with mediocrity. The second concert was one closer to home but this was very good. There were the glitches that I would notice but the singing and blend were very good. And again – reminded me why quality is not easy to achieve and that it honestly takes years to get there. It was also a good reminder that one must never bank on individuals alone in a team activity.

Christmas Day and Boxing Day saw me eating what I wanted coz Bacillus had finally chased off Pylori. And so I was able to eat though my stomach did protest a bit. It was good though I over indulged and now I am slowly weaning off the greed.

Love cake, cutlets, Chicken Liver Paté, shrimp scampi dip, hot bread rolls with butter, mulled wine, ice cream with cake, marzipan – these are a few of my favourite things. Lol. Cakes that are too light, tasteless, icing sugar masquerading as marzipan, Stollen with no marzipan filling are some of my unfavourite things. Growl.

Christmas lunch was at a known Gallery location which has maintained its standards over the years. While the Christmas selection was not very impressive, the food was as always, tasty and worth the calories. I also enjoy their cocktails very much and wished they had a more Christmassy selection of hot drinks.

One part of being fit, counting calories and dealing with old habits is accepting that it is ok to go off whack a bit but not always. And so I am enjoying my greed though I am now aware of the need to stop it and get back on track to my best self. Not beating myself up has been hard but I am getting there.

Season is almost over. Events are waning and so is my sleep. My greed needs to wane. Sigh. But we shall persevere. Consistency is key in life. And we shall endeavour.


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