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PSA – Sex, Gynos & General Knowledge

I am putting this up as I have been dealing with a lot of drama (not even my own!) where irresponsible and lax attitudes have led to a lot of problems for the individuals and families concerned.


  1. If you are an adult woman (18 years and above) you should visit a gynaecologist for check ups coz it’s good to ensure all systems are functioning as they should. Conditions like PCOS, Endometriosis and Adenomiosis are rampant so address these early on.


  1. Your reproductive system gets active at puberty – when you attain age. Not when you get married – this is a Sri Lankan misconception.


  1. If you are sexually active, discussing birth control and family planning is important. It’s not the responsibility of the woman only or the man only. It’s both who need to be held accountable. It takes two to tango. So both need to be aware and alert to these things.


  1. Contraception is possible not just via condoms. There are other means. Discuss these with your GP or Gyno. They are there for that reason. Google is not a doctor. Stop self medicating and get what you require for your body.


  1. “Pulling out before you come” CAN get you pregnant. Pre-come has semen in it. This is NOT a fool proof method of contraception. Use proper methods if you don’t want to get pregnant.


  1. The Family Planning Association of Sri Lanka is a legitimate organisation created to help people do exactly that – plan their families. If you are married and done with having kids, stop behaving like teenagers and dying after you get “accidentally” pregnant coz you didn’t use contraception. Regardless of your opinion on abortion, Sri Lanka has not legalised abortion unless under certain circumstances. If you don’t want to get pregnant, take precautions. You are parents and adults. Start behaving like that.


  1. The morning after pill is a last resort for accidents. You should not be taking it all the time as it can cause adverse effects to your reproductive system. If the accident happens regularly, then it’s not an accident it’s a decision. Stop acting like children and grow up.


  1. If you are sexually active and have had / have multiple partners, test for HIV and other STIs as a precaution. There is no harm done and it will save others from a lot of trouble if you infect them. Some STIs are not visible to the naked eye so don’t assume you don’t have any just coz you can’t see any outward symptoms.


  1. Getting “accidentally” pregnant is a not a sign of the man’s virility or the woman’s fertility, it’s a sign of abject ignorance on the part of learned adults. Stop behaving like Neanderthals and act responsibly.


  1. Men & Women, please educate yourselves on these matters before venturing down the proverbial rabbit hole. Anyone can have sex – animals do it. Anyone can get pregnant. But having a child and bringing them up is an entirely different ball game. So use your brains, your conscience and good sense and please make learned and wise decisions 🙂




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