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Lion King Rant

So I was listening to the Lion King soundtrack and contemplating the story

Yes we all love Simba, his relationship with Mufasa and how he finally realizes the connivance of Scar, falls in love with Nala and they live happily ever after. Nuff Zed.

But wait a minute

Let’s break down the story

So Simba is the crown prince to Pride Rock

Born to two loving parents who give him the best there is and teach him the best they can

Simba is impatient though and along with him common, sensible, good friend Nala

He decides to go exploring an Elephant graveyard coz he ‘Just Can’t Wait to be King’

One problem

Scar planned this, Simba fell for his machinations, Mufasa comes to rescue Simba and is killed by Scar in the end

And Simba is all cute when Daddy dies – hell how many tears have I shed watching that scene??

But then on Scars instructions Simba runs away coz he can’t face the fact that he is responsible for Mufasa’s death

Yes a tough burden for a kid to bear

So he meets Pumba n Timon, an unlikely duo and their lives are Hakuna Matata for a while

Meanwhile what is happening at Pride Rock?

Scar is running riot, there’s a severe drought and the Lionesses are made to hunt for Scar & his minions

Nala on a desperate trek to find food, finds instead

Lo & Behold!

Pumba and then of course Simba

Nala is thrilled – Simba is the answer to their prayers! He can save Pride Rock!

But no, Simba is living Hakuna Matata

Running away from his past, his responsibilities and yes his guilt

Poor fellow, yes?

But then who is facing the consequences back home?? His mother Serabi, Nala & the other Lionesses

Fair deal no?

And Simba does not want to go back. Oh no!

This is a good life, no responsibilities including that of his own actions

Coz you have to admit it, if Simba wasn’t so foolhardy, Mufasa may have actually still been alive

But let’s move on

So Nala has to convince Simba to return along with Rafiki and the spirit of Mufasa who ‘Lives in You’

And finally, Simba grows a pair of balls and goes back to face his past, his Uncle and his heritage

He beats Scar, is cleansed of his guilt coz Scar admits to killing Mufasa and finally the stars align and Spring returns to Pride Rock

Everyone is happy and Simba & Nala live happily ever after. Happy Ending woohoo.

But who gets the credit?? Simba! Coz he sees the light, he goes through the paces, matures and finally comes to being who he must be

But what of Nala eh? The one who never had an opportunity to be a spoilt brat and run away

The one who actually left all to find food for her family & Simba’s family to survive

The one who convinces Simba why he must return

Oh she’s a good housewife, mother too now.

Sounds familiar eh?


I love Lion King but…really?



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