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Let’s Talk About Nudes

In South Asian societies we love pretending no one has sex, no one enjoys it and of course those who do are full of sin (as per most practitioners of major religions). Especially if it is pre-marital, extra-marital etc.

So in this culture of pretense, the very thought that a girl or woman is sending nudes is of course anathema to parents and adults alike. And if your nude ends up on a public forum you are shamed for being loose, a whore, slut, shameful etc.


But what of the requester of the nudes? What of the person who asked for it in the first place? No shame there? Not just asked, but took it and shared it. Without permission. Amongst friends, amongst groups on Instagram, WhatsApp, Porn Hub, Drop Box. What of that individual? What of his morals and upbringing? What of his integrity and basic decency? No one questions the perpetrator. This is like blaming the victim for rape. Next time you get a nude, ask yourself who the fuck shared it? Who was the shit with no modicum of decency or integrity who shared it? Could be a man or a woman. But they need to be shamed. They should be hauled over the coals. Not the one who took it to give someone who they trusted and who was betrayed in the process. Your duty here is not to judge the morality of the act. But to condemn the one who betrayed the trust placed in them and who clearly lacks basic decency.


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