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Lessons from Harry Potter

I re-read Harry Potter recently. Starting from book 3 coz that’s my favourite. For some mad reason I felt I needed to read the books again and found myself noting down familiar things in the rise and fall of Voldemart and the ensuing tamasha of Harry Potter and co.

Some of the most glaring points which I feel are relevant to today.

  • Voldemort was a half blood who spent his life promoting pure bloods coz he couldn’t accept himself for who he was. Plus he needed a rallying point to convince insecure fools to join his cause.
  • No one wanted to believe he had returned. They preferred to live in denial and pretend everything was tickety boo until it came to a point where they couldn’t anymore. Ostrich with the head in the sand syndrome.
  • The pure blood mania exhibited by Marvolo Gaunt proved how detrimental it can be coz they only married within their own family and hence were physically and psychologically impaired. Which is why we don’t promote incest. Diversity ensures stronger genes.
  • Registering of Muggle born witches & wizards is like an attempt to prove that if you don’t belong to the majority, you don’t belong to the magical community. Hermione proves the majority isn’t always the smartest.
  • Barty Crouch Jnr. was proof of what happens when people assume that your pure blood status makes you a good person. It does not.
  • Dumbledore’s refusal to ascend to power shows a man self aware of his weaknesses and therefore avoids such circumstances. A lesson most leaders can learn from today.
  • Snape is proof that people and things aren’t always what they seem. Don’t be so quick to judge.
  • Sirius Black shows us that we must not let other people use our insecurities against us.
  • Bellatrix Lestrange is an example of what psychopathic adoration is all about. Voldemort never cared for her except for how well he could use her. Blind following will only lead to your downfall.
  • The Malfoy family is an example of ‘waasi peththata hoiya’ – they do what it takes to survive, and no one really has much regard for them.
  • Peter Pettigrew is an example of our unwillingness to accept the rot festering among us. The results are drastic as seen.
  • Treatment of Goblins and House elves are like how the majority behave towards minorities. In the end the majority needed them to survive – Harry and Griphook, Dobby and Kreacher.
  • Voldemort’s downfall was ultimately his unwillingness to acknowledge the greater forms of magic besides the power and hunger for immortality. Love for him was a weakness whereas it was Harry’s greatest strength.
  • There are subtle laws and energies that govern the balance of the universe. These are not to be contested but to be aware of. Pettigrew and his hand, Voldemort taking Harry’s blood.

Right now we are aware of who the Voldemorts are. Just wondering where Harry Potter got to…

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