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Hangover – Is it Worth It?

Last week I had a terrible hangover. I happily ate a weed chocolate someone had brought down from Amsterdam and then decided to have a whiskey on top of it. Both while being on an empty stomach. It was a recipe for disaster.

I drank water, even while I was having these. I drank lots of water afterwards. By the time it hit, I was aware and ready to deal with it. I remember going home and eating Guava and crackers – food that had to be within my calorie deficit. I also completed my 10,000 steps for the day. All the while my head felt terrible and no, it was not a nice feeling.

I slept early, got up after 8 hours and had a terrible cold and shivering episode. I was wondering if I was going to make it through the day and to work. It was not great coz I was alone too. I ate, took electrolytes and drank water and kept Googling remedies for weed hangovers – learned about Greening out – and most places discouraged mixing weed and alcohol, especially on an empty stomach. I was not pleased with myself but rode it out and remembered that Vitamin B complex can help with hangovers. So in the evening, after doing a training, lunch and a meeting, I headed to the pharmacy, bought one of those cards (no Forceval these days) and popped one. It helped.

I felt a lot better the next day and went to the gym, left for a hiking trip and was generally feeling my old self. I told myself, I think it’s come to that point where I don’t want to have hangovers anymore or get high for whatever reason. I personally enjoy alcohol for the taste of it and for a slight buzz if at all. Not these full blown headaches which are horrid and really not worth it.

Part of me was wondering how much pain one has to be in to want to be intoxicated constantly at the expense of shitty hangovers, in order to numb it. It’s really not worth it – honestly. I had a real pang for all the addicts I know – alcohol and others – and wondered how they live. What a mess.

So now, I am very aware of such folly and unless I have eaten a good carb filled meal, I ain’t drinking or trying any edibles. No need of testing one’s limits like a fool on parade.



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