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Frogs in the Well & Kings of Castles

I went for Colombo Fashion Week on its third day. I was given an invite and it was nice to go since I had not been in a while. It was at Shangri La Colombo so obviously it was a fancy pants, over priced, Colombo and fashion wannabe affair. Never mind – these too must exist to remind one of the value of intelligence and self esteem.

Anyhow I noticed two women who are well known social media influenzas – well known in that they have thousands of followers. Now they were at this show on all days – I believe there were 4 or 5 days. Each day they were showcasing their clothes, make up etc. and one would assume they played a key role at the event by the way they were positioning themselves on social media. When I saw them there at the event, they were just scuttling about, practically no one took notice of them, they were in their own world and pottering about but in no way were they talking to the well known folk around or being approached for anything. They were just good participants – like most people. I then realised – gosh it’s so easy to showcase yourself as being avant garde in whatever sphere, as if you are the most important, when in actuality you are just another wallflower. In one way I was rather shocked and then I realised how easy it is to manipulate people and present yourself as being much more than you are.

It is almost like the frog in the well, king of the castle syndrome. You are big as per your circle and where you choose to flaunt yourself, as it were. You are known only thus far and no further. Precious few can truly say they are famous in that globally, people know who they are. Even then, it’s limited to the pockets of different groups – be in genres of music, different movies and their producing entities and so forth. It’s relative, subjective and often it is showcased as much more than it actually is.

It reminded me also of a rather pompous pain of a creature we knew growing up. Her mother put her on a pedestal on Mars when she was mediocrity personified. But we were made to believe she was this pretty, very intelligent and all encompassing all rounder when in actuality, she was a mediocre so and so. Today no one knows nor cares much if she exists. But as a child, her mother’s posturing gave other children hangups. And it’s a typical South Asian phenomenon of blowing up your kid to something they most certainly aren’t. Perhaps if her parents had done their job better, she would not be carrying the many chips on her shoulders that her upbringing gave.

Anyhow, it is a good eye opener to those of us who are so self critical and doubtful. Every day I am seeing mediocrity being celebrated and I find it fascinating and shocking. But it’s also in a way, giving me the push I need to put myself out there in the spheres I choose and ones I am actually good at. Not just mediocre. Floreat.




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