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Dear Aunty & Uncle

Dear Aunty,

I know you are very concerned about your children and don’t want them to be exposed to “unwanted things”. This is perfectly understandable especially when they are young. But as they grow up your continued pretence that you never had sex, that children were delivered by storks and that humans should hate a natural urge has led your children to find answers to their questions through other means.

So now your ‘raththaran putha’ has learned about sex through porn and is looking for it whenever he can coz he doesn’t understand that it’s not real. He masturbates in secret coz he has no privacy at home, chases white women asking for sex and expects the women he has in relationships to have pert DD boobs and landing strips and to perform like Sasha Grey on a good day.

Your ‘mal wagey duwa’ has started sharing nudes with the boy who she is secretly chatting to since you don’t allow her to interact with the opposite sex. She is also cutting class and is going to Relax Rooms and Mt. Lavinia 1 hour rent rooms to discover what sex is with the boy from the tuition class, the older man at the office and is taking Mithuri birth control pills and Ponstino morning after pills without ever going to a gynaecologist.


Dear Uncle,

Your refusal to get involved in your children’s lives and let your wife ‘handle’ everything has led them to be confused about themselves, their sexual desires and what they should and should not do.

Had you ever spoken to your son about masturbation, sex and puberty, he would perhaps understand what was happening to his body and what his urges and desires are about.

Had you ever bothered talking to your daughter about your youth and how you dealt with women, then she would understand how a man would perceive certain things and how she should handle herself around them.


Aunty & Uncle, in your great urge to “protect” your children you have only made them more vulnerable and open to misconceptions and misunderstandings of themselves and others. Just because your parents did not tell you anything and you learned things the hard way, don’t expect your kids to go through the same experience.

The world today is not what it was 20 years ago. Please be aware that your children are leaning and doing things much earlier than you ever did.

Educate them and empower them so that they know the evil out there and can handle it. Your attempt to shield them is not working.

Little knowledge is dangerous and a misconstrued version of it is going to make life far worse.

So please Uncle and Aunty, start talking to your kids. Coz right now Social Media and their peers are spending more time with them than you.

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