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Can you Botox my confidence please?

I recently became aware of the popularity of Botox in Sri Lanka and of course around the world. I started following an Arab American make up artist and owner of Huda Beauty – Huda Kattan. She is my age – 35 years – and she has already changed her nose coz she didn’t like it and now spends her time going for lip fillers, thread lifts, Botox injections etc. Now I am sure she is one of millions who do this daily. But what hit was that she was my age, and she does it so bloody often. You can see the marks on her face where the enhancements have been done – a defined chin line and it looks lifted. So yes it’s her choice and she’s most welcome to keep enhancing her face – coz Botox is perfectly safe and freedom to do what you want etc. But I can’t help but wonder – why is she so unhappy with the way she looks? She is almost embarrassed about it. She keeps wanting to look something she is not and I can’t help but wonder at the message she gives her followers – yes even Sri Lankans who follow her. I have no issue with people spending their money on what they want. But I do have an issue if your self confidence is so dependent on your looks. I can do Botox. I have access to it. The damn thing is temporary though and you gotta keep doing it. Plus as you age, your body does things you don’t expect it to – like stretch a certain way – so you gotta keep correcting that shit. It’s not worth it and honestly, I can’t be bothered. Coz my looks were never my defining point. And I don’t think it should be either. For anyone.


And honestly – Beauty products and people will not have a job or a business if they did not make you feel like you need this shit. It lives off your insecurities. So why feed it is my question? Why are we so intent on being something we are not? Plus these beauty ideals change every decade or so. So are you gonna keep changing your face like some kind of clay puppet with the changing tides? I honestly feel we need to start giving people self worth and self confidence – starting at home – and understand that being happy in your own skin is the best feeling ever. Instead of Botoxing confidence into insecurities which can never be satiated.


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